about me

Greetings! I am a composer/producer, keyboardist, and period-instrument performer. After growing up near Seattle, I currently reside in Durham, North Carolina (USA). I also make electronic music, using the stage name "Beagle Music Labs" for some of my work outside the classical tradition!

Simon at the Asheville Pinball Museum

My musical background includes six years of study at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, where I graduated in 2008 with Master of Music degrees in Harpsichord, Composition, and Musicology. My mentors there included Webb Wiggins and Adam Pearl for harpsichord, Chris Theofanidis for composition, and Susan Weiss for musicology. Piano was my first instrument, but I also play other keyboard instruments including organ, harpsichord, and analog synthesizers, and have performed with Renaissance and Baroque ensembles on recorders, baroque viola, and viola da gamba. I am a founding member of Carolina Contemporary Composers (c3), a local composers' forum based in the Triangle area, and a member of Pixel Mixers, a community of video game music (VGM) cover artists, and a treble viol player with the UNC Consort of Viols. I have served as music director of Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Durham since 2008 and have taught at the Village Music School in Cary since 2010. Other memberships include the Viola da Gamba Society of America, the American Recorder Society, and the Game Audio Network Guild.

My compositions draw upon my wealth of musical experiences and interests, which are constantly expanding. These include early music, synthwave, Celtic music, folk hymns, rock, soundtrack music, ambient music, nature sounds, and more. My musical style tends to be rather cinematic, and I love writing music that expresses a sense of wonder, adventure, and/or exploration. I also have maintained an interest in writing for rare but colorful instruments of the orchestra, such as the bass oboe, contrabass clarinet, viola d'amore, and others. More recently, I have been spending time learning how to better make music electronically, and expanding my home studio.

I am actively seeking opportunities to work in the video game industry as a composer/music producer, or as a music assistant, music editor, or sound designer. My classical background has provided me with a knowledge of compositional technique and orchestration, and I have been fascinated by technology since I was a kid. In particular, I enjoy the amalgamation of story, art, and music that comprises an effective game or film, and find it inspiring to be part of a creative team. I am also interested in early music gigs: contact me if you are in need of a continuo or recorder player, or need to fill out a viol consort or baroque orchestra!

Simon aboard ship at Wilmington